Submitting an application: Conditions and details

The Schiphol Fund awards financial donations to amateur and non-profit organisations (legal persons, mostly foundations and associations).

Schipholfonds playground

These meet the following conditions:

  • Registered office is in the Netherlands;
  • Involved in physical exercise;
  • Submit an application for an activity, project or property within the Schiphol Fund's area of operation;
  • Can furnish proof in a financial report that the donation will be dedicated 100% to the object of the project, activity or property;
  • Has not received a donation from the Schiphol Fund within the last 36 months.

To submit an application, you will send the following forms and papers by post to the secretariat:

  • Completed application form;
  • Description of the project;
  • Budget and financial plan for the project;
  • Tender(s) issued to your organisation for the project;
  • Extract from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, not older than 1 year;
  • Current Articles of Association signed by a civil-law notary;
  • Copy of the Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) status issued by the Dutch Tax Authorities (if applicable);
  • Most recent financial statements, balance sheet or annual report for the organisation.

Please note: if your application is incomplete it will not be considered!

The Schiphol Fund does not support every component and project related to physical exercise.

Not eligible:

  • Passive exercise such as mental exercises (bridge, checkers, etc.), as well as shuffle board, billiards, gardening, walking, passenger transport and so forth.
  • Projects in which physical exercise / sport is not the main focus, such as musicals, making music, a festival week and suchlike.
  • Costs for short-term projects such as tournaments, anniversaries, training camps, national holidays.
  • Applications for one-off expenses (such as site and equipment hire) and expenses that do not directly relate to promoting physical exercise (such as first aid equipment and rescue brigades, compensation for volunteers, organisation, travel and accommodation costs, promotion, publicity, printing and suchlike).
  • Request from other fund organizations

Projects of a specific nature:

  • Culture and welfare;
  • Religious;
  • Political;
  • To support individuals.

Projects that:

  • have been completed prior to the date on which the application is processed;
  • raise funds for third parties;
  • take place outside the area of operation either in part or entirely;
  • have yet to be launched;
  • are not open to others (for example, a playgroup with a closed playground);
  • will be owned by another organisation.

Projects involving real estate and construction:

  • Building, renovating and fitting out real estate with the exception of sports pitches;
  • Construction activities (such as mains, moving or elevating soil and so forth) and associated activities (such as building roads, patio, roofing, and so forth).

Projects involving upkeep, management, start-up and overhead expenses, such as:

  • Rent, compensation for employees / volunteers;
  • Solar panels, heating;
  • Union fees, association membership fees;
  • (Club) clothing;
  • Computers and software.

Projects for (local) government and public organisations:

  • Umbrella organisations;
  • Management foundations and organisations tasked with operating club houses, sports complexes, etc.;
  • Owners' associations;
  • Communal living communities;
  • Residents' associations and / or co-housing communities due to the private nature of these associations;
  • Gardening clubs;
  • Community centres, with the exception of non-commercial community centres.

These must meet the following conditions:

  • The organisation has notarial Articles of Association indicating its mission;
  • The organisation is neither subject to corporation tax nor exempt from it;
  • The organisation is regarded as a non-commercial community centre under the fiscal exemption of gift tax;
  • The organisation has no commercial interest in the application;
  • The work of the board of the organisation is done by volunteers.

Please note: with respect to healthcare institutions, applications related to physical exercise can be considered only if the following criteria are met:

  1. The request falls outside the organisation's core business.
  2. The project is accessible to a wide audience.
  3. A large number of volunteers are involved.

Please note: the following applies to schools. A special donation for upgrading a school yard can be requested only if the foundation with which the school is affiliated has not received a special donation for another school under the same foundation within the past 36 months. This rule does not apply to general donation requests.