Schiphol Business Awards 2018: Winners Business Awards

Thursday, 7 February 2019 saw the presentation of the Schiphol Business Awards for 2018. The Hospitality & Service Award, the Team Spirit Award and the Connection Award were all announced during the morning and the winners were placed in the spotlight in a surprising way. Interested in seeing the winners’ reactions? A video, offering an impression of the awards ceremony in the terminal and showcasing the winners, will be posted here soon.

During the afternoon, the WTC’s Fortune Bar served as the venue for the official Schiphol Business Awards ceremony. First of all, Tanja Dik praised the winner of the Hospitality & Service Award, Dieme Ketel congratulated the Team Spirit Award winner and the Connection Award was then presented by Peter van Steensel. After that, Tanja announced the winners of the Growth Award (Airside and Landside). Peter van Grinsven presented the Innovation Award and the Sustainability Award. As well as everlasting glory, each winner also received a prize to match the award they won!

We offer our warm congratulations to the winners of the Schiphol Business Awards 2018:

Connection Award

  • Adda Amrani – HMSHost

Growth Award – Airside

  • Travelex Nederland

Growth Award – Landside

  • Axxicom Airport Sta-balie B.V.

Hospitality & Service Award

  • House of Tulips, Departure Lounge 3, Aviflora

Innovation Award

  • Sixt

Team Spirit Award

  • World of Delights

Sustainability Award

  • HMSHost