Schiphol Media: Find the right Schiphol contact

This directory will help you find the right departmental contact person at Schiphol Airport.

Schiphol Media

  • Maarten van Maaren

    Sales Director Schiphol Media

    Maarten  van Maaren
  • Floris Hoogendoorn

    Account manager


    Floris Hoogendoorn
  • Nicolette Nelis


    Kappe, Lagardere, HMS Host, Paollo Zalotto, Xpress Spa

    Nicolette Nelis
  • Judith Klein

    Key Account Manager


    Judith Klein
  • Jérôme Legger

    Brand Partnership Manager

    Gassan, World of Delight, Rituals                                            

    Jérôme  Legger
  • André Wilderdijk

    Key Accountmanager

    SAR-Heineman, GWK, ABN AMRO      

    André Wilderdijk