Schiphol departmental directory: Find the right Schiphol contact

This directory will help you find the right departmental contact person at Schiphol Airport.

Retail,F&B,Commercial Services

  • Irene Muijsson

    Head of Retail, Food & Beverage, Commercial Services

    Irene Muijsson
  • Nina Aerts

    Commercial Assistant

    Nina  Aerts
  • Mike Boks

    Manager Food & Beverage

    Mike Boks
  • Nicky Bresser

    Manager Commercial Services

    Nicky Bresser
  • Freek van Drunen

    Manager Retail

    Freek van Drunen
  • Carla Laurs

    Manager Retail

    Carla Laurs
  • Maarten Schouwenaar

    Manager Retail

    Maarten Schouwenaar

Parking & Mobility

  • Dieme Ketel

    Senior Manager Parking & Mobility Services

    Dieme Ketel
  • Daan Burghouts

    Business Manager

    Daan Burghouts
  • Siard Hovenkamp

    Manager Projects, Assets en ICT

    Siard Hovenkamp
  • Corné de Jong

    Manager Product & Contract Management

    Corné  de Jong
  • Ton Klarenbeek

    Bedrijfsvoering manager

    Ton Klarenbeek
  • Jolein Noppen

    Service & Capacity Manager Parkeerproducten

    Jolein Noppen
  • Dhiredj Sadhoe

    Functioneel beheerder systemen

    Dhiredj Sadhoe


  • Wendy von Kriegenbergh

    Teamlead Marketing

    Wendy  von Kriegenbergh
  • Iris Droog

    Content en traffic coördinator

    Iris  Droog
  • Jeffrey Schulz

    Traffic coördinator

    Jeffrey  Schulz
  • Valerie Soh

    Marketeer Target groups

    Valerie Soh
  • Annick van Tolingen

    Marketeer Retail, Horeca en Services Plaza

    Annick  van Tolingen
  • Arjan Zijlstra

    Marketeer Retail, Horeca en Services Airside

    Arjan Zijlstra

Schiphol Media

  • Arthur de Groot

    Sales Director Schiphol Media

    Arthur  de Groot
  • André Wilderdijk

    Key Accountmanager

    SAR-Heineman, GWK, ABN AMRO      

    André Wilderdijk
  • Nicolette Nelis


    Kappe, Lagardere, HMS Host, Paollo Zalotto

    Nicolette Nelis
  • Jerome Legger

    Brand Partnership Manager

    Gassan, World of Delight                                            

    Jerome  Legger
  • Floris Hoogendoorn



    Floris Hoogendoorn


  • Marjolijn Klooster

    Manager Development

    Marjolijn Klooster
  • Linda Rijlaarsdam

    Sr. Commercial Developer

    Linda Rijlaarsdam
  • Edwin Westgeest

    Commercial Developer

    Edwin Westgeest
  • Eefje Roodvoets

    Sr. Commercial Developer

    Eefje Roodvoets
  • Judith van Deelen

    Retail Developer

    Judith  van Deelen
  • Carolijn Nelis


    Carolijn Nelis
  • Mieke Verduijn

    Concept Developer

    Mieke  Verduijn

Commercial Operations

  • Lilian de Leeuw

    Manager Commercial Operations

    Lilian  de Leeuw
  • Liesbeth Mahieu

    Commercieel Coördinator

    Liesbeth Mahieu
  • Jos den Haan

    Operationeel Coördinator

    Jos  den Haan
  • Martin de Nijs

    Technisch Coördinator

    Martin  de Nijs
  • Bart van der Duin

    Financieel Administrateur

    Bart  van der Duin
  • Winanda Egberts

    Contract Manager

    Winanda Egberts