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Business Partners Commercial Services

ABN Amro

Look for ABN AMRO’s financial services in Departure Lounges 1, 2, 3 and 4, in Arrival Halls 1, 2 and 3 and in the crew centre.

Contact: Rachel Scheffers
- Position: Director of ABN AMRO Schiphol
- e-mail:

Contact: Rina van der Heijden
- Position: Management Assistant to Rachel Scheffers at ABN AMRO Schiphol
- Telephone number: +31 651300577
- e-mail:

Contact: Rogier Jongedijk - Position: Teamlead - Telephone number: +31 630504923 - e-mail:


Provides transportation to and from Keukenhof during the opening period in the spring and also sells combi tickets for transport + entrance.

Contact: Machiel Kleingeld
- Position: Regional Business Development Manager (West)
- Telephone number: +31 6231583494
- e-mail:


The Bannerxpress banner vending machines are located landside, in Arrival Halls 1, 2 and 3.

Contact: Thibaud Bruna
- Position: Director
- Telephone number: +31 648082109
- e-mail:

Behind The Scenes / Schiphol Experience

Come and take a look behind the scenes of the largest airport in the Netherlands with the Schiphol Experience: a bus tour that reveals all the airport’s secrets. You can buy tickets at Planes @ Plaza.

Dijkman TCW Services

Provides and maintains the sanitary product vending machines in all of Schiphol’s toilets.

Contact: Linda Ottens-Dijkman
- Position: Owner
- Telephone number: +31 612305328
- e-mail:

Global Blue

VAT Refunds via Global Blue can be found landside in Departure Hall 3 and airside in Departure Lounge 3.

Contact: Jorn Hoogesteijn
- Position: Director
- Telephone number: +31 646742071
- e-mail:

Contact: Herman Plukaard
- Position: Manager at Schiphol
- e-mail:

I amsterdam

You’ll find the I amsterdam Visitor Centre landside, in Arrival Hall 2.

Contact: Adil Abbach
- Position: Hosting Manager
- e-mail:


Responsible for selling tickets to the Keukenhof Gardens while the gardens are open in the spring.

Contact: Maxim Leijdekker
- Position: Operations Manager for Schiphol Experience
- Telephone number: +31 206550083
- e-mail:

Contact: Wim van Meerveld
- Position: Partnerships Manager
- e-mail:


The Massage-o-Matic massage chairs are located both landside and airside, throughout the terminal.

Contact: Michiel Versprille
- Position: Owner
- e-mail:

Meet & Assist Axxicom

Chaperone services for passengers.

Contact: Lex Visser
- Position: Business Unit Director
- Telephone number: +31 611394463
- e-mail:


Art from the Rijksmuseum is on display on Holland Boulevard.

Seal & Go

Seal & Go’s services are available landside, in Departure Halls 2 and 3.

Contact: Paul Rijkhoff
- Position: CEO
- Telephone number: +31 252629323
- e-mail:

Servicepoint Schiphol Plaza

Servicepoint Schiphol Plaza services are available at Plaza, before security.

Contact: Ferdinand van Arragon
- Position: CEO
- Telephone number: +31 487-519670
- e-mail:

Contact: Marijn van Arragon
- Position: General Manager
- Telephone number: +31 252629323
- e-mail:


The delivery services provided by Thuisbezorgd are available at Schiphol Plaza.

Contact: Silvie Cremers
- Position: Director of Sales
- Telephone number: +31 202107011 
- e-mail:


You can take advantage of Travelex’s services in Departure Lounge 1, on Piers F and G and in Arrival Hall 3.

Contact: Travelex
- Telephone number: +31 205690690
- e-mail:

Planet Payment (via Travelex)

VAT Refunds for Planet Payment – via Travelex – can be found landside in Departure Hall 3.

Contact: Vincent Heuveneers
- Position: Business Development Manager for BENELUX
- e-mail:

Innova (via Travelex)

VAT Refunds for Innova – via Travelex – are available landside in Departure Hall 3, at the Travelex desk.

Contact: Marta Pantoja
- Position: Business Development Manager for Europe
- e-mail:


Head to Departure Lounges 2 and 3 and Pier D for Xpresspa’s massage and spa treatments.

Contact: Patrick Jansen
- e-mail:


Spend the night airside in the Yotel hotel in Departure Lounge 2.

Contact: Joy Maroulas
- Position: General Manager
- Telephone number: +31 623952511
- e-mail: