Zwanenburg Runway to close for 6 weeks: More air traffic on Buitenveldert and Kaag Runways

The Zwanenburg Runway (Zwanenburgbaan) will be closed to air traffic from 10 March to 22 April due to essential maintenance works. During this time, planes will follow the flight routes to and from the Buitenveldert and Kaag Runways. A small number of planes will also land on the Polder Runway. If weather conditions mean that air traffic cannot use the Kaag Runway, planes will be diverted to the Aalsmeer Runway. This may only occur once or twice overnight. If you live or work in the vicinity of these runways, you may experience more air traffic noise than usual during this period.

Will I be affected?

You may experience more or less noise disturbance based on your location. Please check the green or red areas in the map below. The green area indicates that there will be less air traffic in to the northeast, and to the south of the Zwanenburg Runway. The red area indicates that there will be more air traffic to the east of the Buitenveldert Runway, and southwest of Kaag Runway. Some air traffic will land on Polder Runway.

Use of the Aalsmeer Runway

Schiphol, the Aalsmeer municipality and residents' associations have agreed that the Aalsmeer Runway will only be used if the Kaag Runway cannot be used due to weather conditions. This is not expected to occur more than once or twice during the entire period, which may be once or twice at night.


What Schiphol is doing to limit inconvenience

Schiphol will ensure that road maintenance is carried out as quickly as possible, in combination with other activities on and around the Zwanenburg Runway, in order to limit any possible inconvenience. Works will be carried out at the same time where possible, so that the runway will only be out of use for a short time.

Why maintenance is required

Runways require regular maintenance to keep the safe and in good condition. The Zwanenburg Runway is regularly used for plane take-offs and landings, and the asphalt wears out over time. Rubber is also left behind by the plane tyres, which is removed during maintenance. The track markings will get a fresh coat of paint, the drain will be checked, and lighting replaced where necessary. Maintenance cannot be performed if air traffic continues as usual, which is why it will be temporarily closed to planes for 6 weeks.

Visiting the Zwanenburg Runway during the maintenance period

Registration opens for one of ‘neighbour days’ on Zwanenburg Runway on March 16th. These neighbour days will be held on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April. On those days, 1,000 of Schiphol’s neighbours will be welcomed onto the runway to learn more about Schiphol, its runways, flight routes, fire brigade, snow plough, birdwatching and much more. There is usually a lot of interest in our neighbour days, so please register asap on March 16th!

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Questions and complaints about air traffic noise

Please visit to submit any questions, comments or complaints. If you require more information about air traffic noise, flight and runway use, please visit the Schiphol as a Neighbour page.