WhatsApp for people living around Schiphol: Ask a question by WhatsApp

If you live in the vicinity of Schiphol, you can now ask us any questions you have by WhatsApp between April 8-11. For example, you could ask us about our next Neighbour’s Day, why flight changes were made on a particular day, or how we decide which runways to use at any one time. Simply send a WhatsApp message to +31 61 277 8991.

Send a WhatsApp message

What does this WhatsApp number mean for people in the area?

You will receive an answer as soon as possible, usually within 1 hour between 09:00-21:00.

Your privacy is guaranteed

Your telephone number will be deleted after no more than 7 days. Questions and answers on the survey will be kept anonymous. Please also refer to our privacy statement.

This is a trial run

We are currently testing what Schiphol residents think of WhatsApp as a means of contact. That is why you can only ask questions by WhatsApp between 25-29 March for the time being.