Measured growth at Schiphol: Staying in balance with the local area

The growth of Schiphol is a hot topic for everyone who lives or works near the airport, but there is a limit to that growth. In 2008, all parties agreed to implement a ceiling of 500,000 air transport movements, an agreement that is binding until the end of 2020. We intend to honour that number – and whether or not that number will increase after that point is currently being discussed within the Schiphol Local Community Council and in The Hague.

Does Schiphol need to grow?

Now that the economy is on an upward trend, there is significant demand for air transport around the world. That creates opportunities for Schiphol and the Dutch aviation sector to grow. However, we also want to limit the effects aviation has on the airport’s neighbours and on the environment. We support controlled and measured growth after 2020. That is to ensure that the airport’s impact on our neighbours is kept to a minimum. At the same time, we want to ensure that we can maintain and reinforce our extensive network. Schiphol connects the Netherlands with the rest of the world, contributing to our prosperity and our well-being. The airport offers a great business climate and employment opportunities, and also makes it easy for people to go on holiday or take a business trip.

Maintaining the balance

The Alders agreement includes a 50/50 rule for the period after 2020. That means two things – that half of the environmental gains we achieve can be used for extra flight services, and the other half will be invested in mitigating noise nuisance. In fact, we are aiming to stay well below these agreed levels, even with the growing number of air transport movements.

The Environment Impact Assessment will indicate which scenario is best for measured growth after 2020, as well as which noise abatement measures will be needed to maintain the balance. All the agreements recognise the importance of opening Lelystad Airport up for European holiday traffic in 2020. This will give Schiphol more space for measured growth and enable us to maintain and reinforce our worldwide network of destinations.

New pier and terminal

In addition to the growth in air traffic, Schiphol is also working to increase capacity on the ground. We are constructing a new pier and terminal to accommodate the growing number of travellers that pass through our airport. Those developments are urgently needed given our current space constraints. The new pier will be ready in early 2020. By 2023, we expect to be able to welcome the first travellers in to our new terminal. Click here to read more about the developments at Schiphol.