Schiphol-Oost Business Park

Space to build your own office

Schiphol-Oost (Schiphol East) is an area with a unique character, beloved by the people who work there. It’s a place where new initiatives come to life and new pathways are forged. You can sense it from the moment you arrive, as many organisations call Schiphol Oost home – from web development companies to advertising agencies, and hotels to large multinationals. The office buildings are somewhat smaller compared to our other business parks; however, there is more than enough room to grow – in terms of offices, as well as new buildings. There are different plots available on which you can develop an office building or business space that meets your own specifications.

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The perfect place for your company

If you have an idea about what your ideal office or business premises must look like, as well as its environmental needs, Schiphol-Oost (Schiphol East) Business Park has a surprisingly versatile area that is easily accessible, with many facilities and loaded with entrepreneurship. There are different plots there which offer space for the construction of one or more buildings.

There are plots with opportunities to build office developments of between approx. 3,000 m2 and 18,000 m2, supplemented with business space. That of course depends on what you would like, your plans and desired location.

We’d love to help you

Schiphol Real Estate manages almost all buildings and areas at Schiphol, as well as being the area owner and developer. In short, we have all the knowledge and expertise to create your ideal workplace together – whether you are still prospecting or have a really good idea of what you want.

If you are looking for a party that thinks along with you, we will be happy to sit down together to outline your wishes and to sketch a building that perfectly matches the ambitions of your company.

Unparalleled accessibility

Schiphol-Oost is in an attractive location within close proximity of Amsterdam, buffered only by the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest). Entrepreneurs will also be able to easily spread their wings beyond Schiphol-Oost, given the direct connections to Schiphol Plaza and various motorways (A9 to A4, A5, A10 and A2), as well as Schiphol’s Departures and Arrivals terminals. In addition, you won’t have to travel far to reach a hotel, restaurant, an Albert Heijn to go supermarket or an espresso bar. Schiphol-Oost has it all!

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