Your view into the future: Free Schiphol CBD app

Now you can see future real estate developments at Schiphol Central Business District. Get the free Schiphol CBD app and you’ll see tomorrow’s real estate developments today.


Virtual look to the future

The amazing future of Schiphol CDB (Schiphol Centre) was on display in augmented virtual reality at the RAI Provada in June 2016. And now you can see it for yourself. Download the free Schiphol CBD app, print the map and use your smartphone or tablet to see the future Schiphol.

Before you know it, you’ll be standing in the 42-metre-high Hilton Schiphol atrium or the future plaza between the hotel and The Base. You’ll also get a great impression of how some existing sites will appear in the future.

Download the app to see the latest real estate developments

Download Schiphol CBD app in the App Store or Google Playstore to stay up-to-date with all the latest real estate projects.

Interested in future projects?

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