Schiphol: truly inspiring and accessible: Healthy and inspiring workplace

An inspiring and healthy workplace... what company would say no to that? Jeroen van Egmond, co-owner of Fusionlab and author of Afvallen met Nederland (Losing Weight with the Netherlands), presented his book and leases office space in the Constellation building at Schiphol. 'An inspiring workplace, and highly accessible.'

Jeroen van Egmond

Afvallen met Nederland, a book about a happier and healthier life, has been sold by Dutch bookshops since November of last year. Author Jeroen van Egmond presented and enthusiastically discussed his book at Schiphol. 'I got involved in the development of a dietary concept in 2009. As a hands-on expert and top athlete, I continued to expand this online platform on healthy living, losing weight and exercise. All manner of experts got involved in the process, including a dietician and a motivational coach. So we had a website, but we found ourselves confronted with an increasing demand for tangible information. A book. After a year of hard work, I am incredibly proud to say it is now finished.'


Afvallen met Nederland is intended especially for people who are sick and tired of all of the nonsense that can be found online and who simply want normal, accurate information. Van Egmond: 'We don't only inform them about healthy and tasty food, but also about exercise, education, motivation and help from your surroundings. These aspects are often forgotten, even though they have a significant impact on successful slimming. I hope that those Dutch citizens who have already tried all of the nonsense diets will soon be losing weight with our help.' Why? 'I think many people will feel more comfortable in their body when they have attained a healthy weight.'

Constellation building

All of the hard work of Van Egmond and his team was done at Schiphol. 'We have an office in the Constellation building at Schiphol-Oost. Aside from Afvallen met Nederland, we also have our online marketing agency here, Fusionlab.' The Constellation building can be found in the former centre of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This spot was where the first aircraft landed, 100 years ago. 'The glass facade, the view of the private jets, the spectacularly large entrance... our office is a very rewarding topic for conversation with our clients. Practically everyone who enters the building is impressed.'

Leasing at Schiphol

Huren op Schiphol bevalt Van Egmond goed. 'Soms vinden mensen het vreemd dat we als gezondheidsplatform en creatief bureau voor Schiphol hebben gekozen. Maar we zitten pal aan allerlei belangrijke snelwegen zoals de A4 en A9 en ook met het openbaar vervoer ben je snel op locatie. Het gevoel van ruimte en vrijheid vinden wij belangrijk. Voor onze klanten en medewerkers. Lekker inspirerend en bereikbaar.'

Van Egmond is very satisfied about leasing at Schiphol. 'People sometimes think it strange that we have chosen Schiphol as the location for our health platform and creative agency. But we are right next to several main motorways, such as the A4 and the A9, and you can also easily get here using public transport. The sense of space and freedom is important to us, for the sake of both our clients and our employees. It's a truly inspiring and accessible location.'