Schiphol-Oost: Community of curious companies

Work right next to the platform, with a view of the planes and skyline of the airport. Schiphol-Oost is a dynamic place that connects directly with the Dutch capital by the A10 motorway (5 minutes) and Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest).

In addition, several buses run to Schiphol Plaza (10 minutes), including the train station and Arrivals and Depatures. The Caravelle, Tristar, General Aviation Terminal and Constellation office buildings are tenanted by small to large companies growth and innovation in their veins, such as Perfetti from Melle, KLM, Nest workplaces and XXS.

Schiphol-Oost. Follow your curiosity

If you’d like to know how Schiphol-Oost is developing, and what other businesses are located there, just take a look at the short videos.

Curiosity meets space

At Schiphol-Oost, you can experience space in all its many different aspects. You will have a panoramic view and the reassurance of knowing you’ll always have a parking space, as well as an inspiring workspace for everyone in your organisation. And there’s room for growth here. (Video only available in Dutch)

Curiosity travels easily

Your office will be located just five minutes’ drive from the A10, Amsterdam’s orbital motorway, and if your people prefer to cycle to work they can make a beeline to the business park straight through the Amsterdamse Bos recreational area. Public transport will make it easy for you and your colleagues to get to Schiphol-Oost, thanks to the direct bus link with Amstelveen, the Schiphol North interchange and Schiphol Plaza shopping centre. Every destination in the Netherlands is within your reach, and with an airport right outside your door it’ll be easy for you to travel to international destinations, too. (Video only available in Dutch)

Curiosity comes with extras

Schiphol-Oost is still in development. From excellent basic facilities to advanced technology and sustainable solutions: everything is centred around working, meeting, relaxing and meeting. (Video only available in Dutch)

Curiosity connects

The office buildings are versatile and outdoor spaces inviting. Here, everything centres around doing business, inspiring and meeting people. Spot Schiphol plays an important role in making this happen. This community is for everyone who works at Schiphol and they organise more than 70 member events throughout the year. (Video only available in Dutch)

Schiphol-Oost properties

schiphol oost

Here, you can view all the available office space at Schiphol-Oost in one place. Explore the possibilities on offer in our remarkable buildings: Caravelle, Tristar, Constellation en de General Aviation Terminal.

Would you like more information or to make an appointment to view the space? We’d be happy to help!