Schiphol office space attracts multinationals : International appeal

Every day, employees of companies located at Schiphol Central Business District (CBD) experience it: Schiphol is a prime location with international appeal and is vibrant 24/7. Companies like Danone, Microsoft, Citibank, Reckitt Benckiser, Qlik, Cargill, Smurfit Kappa, Wereldhave, SBM Offshore and Samsung all chose Schiphol. Watch the video to find out why they call CBD home.

1. The experience, facilities and a dynamic atmosphere

There is so much to do at Schiphol CBD. You'll find restaurants, cafes, 24/7 childcare, a pop-up venue for small businesses, events, business centres, and even a small library. As an employer it’s also an ideal environment to bring in talent.

‘Companies want a complete solution,’ says Bart van Eerd, director of Agency of commercial real estate consulting firm CBRE. ‘With the flexible to set up an office in buildings like the World Trade Center Schiphol Airport and The Base, and easy access by car, train and plane, Schiphol’s 'hardware' is always good. But companies want more than an office building. They want atmosphere, energy, and things to do,’ Van Eerd. ‘Childcare at work saves parents half an hour each day that they don’t have to spend picking up their children. It’s a good option for employers to consider.’

Employees can experience a lot. They can run errands at Schiphol Plaza, workout at the Base fitness centre or go to the hairdresser. And each year the popular TEDxAmsterdam event is held at Schiphol CBD.

2. Perfect accessibility by all major transportation options

One of the main reasons companies choose Schiphol CBD is the ideal access to the airport. All major international transportation options are within walking distance.

‘Some people fly twice weekly for meetings abroad,’ says Thijs Folkeringa, portfolio manager of Schiphol Real Estate. ‘Every minute can make a difference. Companies with international business save time and money as their office employees can walk to the terminal.’

Companies also take advantage of the onsite train station and ample parking. This way guests can quickly visit Amsterdam for a few hours. Van Eerd says, ‘Parking spaces are often scarce in the city centre. However at Schiphol there are more options. And that may be the deciding factor for a potential tenant to choose Schiphol.’

3. The international stature gives an extra buzz

Guests and employees of international companies feel welcome and enjoy the international atmosphere at the airport. As one of the largest airports in Europe, Schiphol literally offers the world at your feet. With the picturesque backdrop of Dutch skies and planes flying in and out there is an ongoing e buzz of a metropolis 24/7. The exciting cocktail of every possible language and culture at Schiphol adds to this experience.

‘International companies work together,’ says Van Eerd. ‘Big or small, they attract each other. As law firms and banks in the South Axis instance. There is a flywheel effect. Schiphol is the 24-hour life of the party.’