Schiphol-Oost: very appealing to creative industry: Appeal

Advertising Agency XXS AMSTERDAM can be found at Schiphol-Oost. It employs seventy people who work on Dutch and international brands such as Hema, Werkspot, Hello Fresh and Travel Bird. Their mission: applying creativity as a means to help brands and companies grow.

piethein smit

'We are often seen as the game changer or challenger agency of the Netherlands,' says Piet Hein Smit, one of the three partners at XXS. 'Because of the speed at which markets develop, companies have to adapt. We help them with this. A company cannot survive if it isn't willing to change. Our first customer was easyJet, the first low-cost airline that permanently changed the aviation sector. easyJet was also the reason we chose an office at Schiphol, 18 years ago. But we also helped other companies, such as road service organisation Route Mobiel, Tele-2 and discounter Dirk van den Broek, to challenge long-established parties.'

Extra extra small

'We prefer working together with our client in small, tightly-knit teams. That is why we decided to call ourselves XXS. The client has a major role. After all, they understand their business better than anyone else. We have a strongly result-oriented approach and we use all the means at our disposal to accomplish our client's objective. Quite often, this means that complex matters have to be resolved quickly and efficiently, which is why we decided to combine strategy, creation, production, studios, online and design at a single location. Our customers appreciate this. One agency, a single point of contact and everything our clients need under the same roof.'

View of hangar, terminal and apron

'We have never regretted choosing Schiphol-Oost. Our clients can very easily get to XXS, including our international clients. They land, we pick them up and the meeting can start just 15 minutes later. But the dynamics of the location are at least as important. We have an incredible view of the platforms, terminals, hangars and centre of Schiphol. Amazingly inspiring! Our clients agree.'

Heritage and creative industry

'The notion that this is where Dutch aviation history started gives the entire area a special aura. Creative businesses like to establish themselves in areas with an industrial character or heritage. Just look at the NDSM area or Amsterdam-Noord. I really think Schiphol-Oost can hold appeal for the creative industry. It offers a wonderful combination of connections, experience, history and business facilities.