100 years of Schiphol in 5 minutes: Special animation

Schiphol celebrated its 100th birthday on 19 September, 2016. Watch our history unfold in this special animation we made to mark the milestones of our long history.

From runway in a pasture to main airport

Three Farman aircraft landed at Schiphol airfield on 19 September, 1916 around 15:00. This air base — the current location of Schiphol East — was initially a military airfield with a few shacks in a pasture. On 17 May, 1920 the first civilian plane landed at Schiphol.

In 1967, the airport opened its first terminal in its current location. One hundred years after the first arrival, about 200,000 passengers per day go through the security gates at the airport. Imagine if they had known then how it would look today.

100 years to make a nice visual impression of Schiphol

For visitors, residents, and interested fans of Schiphol is the growth of Schiphol captured nicely. Our special animation shows you how Schiphol developed into the modern, main airport of today.