News: Spot Schiphol Community: an extra reason for organisations to settle at Schiphol

Getting inspired at a seminar, lifting your stamina to greater heights during a boot camp session, or meeting other professionals over drinks: there's so much to do within the Spot Schiphol Community. That's one of the reasons why companies at Schiphol are attracting (young) professionals. "With over 100 events per year, members can always find an event that fits them," explains Annick Oosterlee, Community Manager for the Spot Schiphol Community. What makes this community such a success? And in which ways does it create value for professionals and organisations at Schiphol?

Published on: 5 July 2019

A community with a variety of high-quality events

The Spot Schiphol Community is an online and offline platform for everyone working in the Schiphol area, the only business park within the Randstad with a community that large and vibrant. Professionals can become a member for free. With over 4060 members from 600 organisations, the Spot Schiphol Community connects professionals from companies such as Microsoft, KLM, ABN Amro, GrandVision, Reckitt Benckiser, and Handelsbanken, but also many smaller (flex) tenants.

Combining work and play is a trend that this community makes the most of. In addition to that, it's attracting young talent. "With the use of the new pillars Work, Play, Balance, and Benefits, we're helping professionals to find what they're looking for both during and outside of work hours," says Annick. The community organises a variety of high-quality events. Some examples are inspirational sessions by The School of Life, a TEDx event featuring intriguing speakers, exercise classes with professional teachers, art tours, and field-specific themed lunches.

The community is providing added value to the workplace of many different professionals within the Schiphol area. "Which in turn makes it more attractive for companies that are considering settling here or that are already settled here," Annick explains.

There's so much activity in this area. Why wouldn't you facilitate contact between professionals so they can meet and inspire one another? - Annick Oosterlee, Community Manager Spot Schiphol Community

Professionals are meeting and inspiring one another

The beginning of 2020 marks Spot Schiphol Community's five-year anniversary. When the community was first founded, Schiphol Real Estate already recognised its potential. "There's so much activity in this area. Why wouldn't you facilitate contact between professionals so they can meet and inspire one another?" says Annick. The community began with networking events and drinks for 20 people. By now, the summer drinks are generally attended by 250 people, and the Christmas dinner finds 400 community members sitting down at long tables. "Those are real reflections of the community's success," says Annick.

Another accomplishment she's proud of is the fact that 40% of all events are now organised by the community itself. There is an 'HR inspiration lunch' with interesting speakers, organised by fellow HR representatives. Similarly, employees of KLM, Microsoft and Vebego are giving 'behind the scenes' tours to other community members. "Those are wonderful achievements. It's great to see that the community is carried by the professionals themselves more and more, and that it's yielding these results."

spot schiphol annick

The Spot Community keeps reinventing itself

At this point in time, the Spot Community features eight ambassadors from different companies. These ambassadors meet monthly to discuss innovation within the community. It's no small feat that these people are so committed and actively participating in addition to their busy jobs. Sometimes community members will send in points of improvement too. "Together with our members, we explore how we can use that valuable input. By involving them, they've become our biggest fans," Annick smiles.

The Spot Community has been a great success so far and has proven to be a source of enrichment for many professionals, both when it comes to their work life and their personal life. It's clear that the community is a real value creator for the Schiphol area. So it's not strange that the community is often an important factor when organisations decide to settle in this business park.

In the future, the Spot Community would like to keep thinking about offering even more opportunities for the professional exchange of information and services between professionals employed at different companies. "How great would it be to generate business together as a community or to work on shared, sustainable goals, like setting up a motorpool to facilitate car sharing?" Annick asks. "It's fantastic to tackle an ambition like that!"

After 5 years, it's time for a fresh, new corporate identity that'll be launched together with the pillars Work, Play, Balance, and Benefits. Curious? Visit the Spot Community website.