News: Inspiration in and outside of the office (hours)

Schiphol Real Estate facilitates personal growth, knowledge exchange, inspiration, and more

Finding the perfect balance between your work and private life is a challenge faced by all. We want to do things that give us energy, perform well, keep learning, but also relax and unwind. These wishes have to be fulfilled in and out of the office. Schiphol is well suited to personal and business needs with its diverse events and facilities in its business parks.

Extensive cycling and sports facilities

Published on: 3 December 2019

We all know it: daily movement is good for mind and body. And that can also benefit you at work: you’re more immune to stress, can think of new ideas more easily, and have more energy. Cycling to work is a great start to your day and obviously Schiphol Central Business District is easily reached by bike. There are also plenty of bicycles for bike sharing at the ready, for example to take you to an external meeting during office hours. Up for even more activity? In the gyms at Schiphol you can train however and whenever you want. You might even find yourself meeting new people and doing some networking there. Win win!

Events for personal and professional growth


Aside from being physically active, it is also important to keep yourself mentally challenged. We never really stop learning. During events organised by the active Spot Schiphol Community, there is plenty opportunity to develop yourself. For example, during talks in partnership with TEDx and The School of Life, in which professional topics and life lessons are discussed. An enrichment for the mind, at a stone’s throw from your desk.

Fun, play, and relaxation just around the corner


Sometimes you need a break during your busy day. You can hit pause on your work routine with a game of foosball or table tennis with your colleagues in the break-out rooms in our collective office buildings. Or relieve some of the stress from your day at work during a nice chair massage. Breathe in, breathe out, and you’ll feel revitalised when getting back to work.

A dynamic work environment with plenty of contacts


Do you know that feeling? You want to get a change of scenery at a different desk with a different view. Finding such a space, even if only for a short while, can work miracles for your energy levels, mood, and productivity. Take a seat in the stylish Fortune Bar or in the bright Atrium of The Base. These spaces in the Schiphol business parks offer you new perspective. And on your way between meetings, you can always stop by one of our food trucks to taste some new flavours. Enjoy!

Art and innovation in abundance


Keep your eyes off of your computer screen for just a minute, because outside the office in the dynamic Schiphol grounds there are more hidden gems to explore. When you walk through the special street art circle, you’ll see the arty side of the business park. You can finish your stroll by heading to The Square and charging yourself (and your phone) at the solar bench. No doubt that you’ll go back to your desk energised, literally and figuratively.

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