News: Carsharing: the new addition to Schiphol’s share culture

Tenants in Schiphol’s office buildings are ready for take-off with new shared cars

Taking public transport or biking to work is a clever solution to avoid traffic jams, but what do you do if you need a car during office hours after all – to visit a client, for example? Schiphol Real Estate aims to meet this need of its tenants in Schiphol Central Business District by taking a new step in a green direction with a carsharing pilot programme.

Published on: 3 October 2019

Pilot programme for clever convenience

In addition to a successful bicycle-sharing pilot programme in Schiphol-Oost, which features 300 shared bicycles to be used by professionals, it’s time for even more innovation when it comes to mobility and convenience. That’s why a carsharing pilot programme is slated to start in November, for everyone working in office buildings in Schiphol Central Business District. Practical for that out-of-office business appointment or for a short visit to a branch elsewhere in the country. Moreover, a shared car is an excellent replacement for your own car, which would just be languishing in a parking space all day.

Multiplying comfort by sharing it

Schiphol Real Estate encourages the use of public transport, (shared) bikes, and electric vehicles. Conversations with its tenants have indicated that the use of high-quality shared cars would meet their current needs perfectly. Reliability, professionalism, and ease of use are subsequently the core features on which the carsharing pilot programme focusses.

Schiphol Real Estate is always looking for innovative ways to optimise mobility, and sustainability is an important part of that.”

Taking off in no time

Following the pay per use-principle, from November onward three shared cars will be available in the P1 car park at WTC Schiphol Airport, as well as three shared cars in the P22 car park at The Base. Reserving a car as well as checking in and out are done through an app, which ensures no time is wasted on looking for or exchanging car keys, or on complicated record keeping.

Using a shared car in Schiphol Central Business District will be a matter of booking it and driving off.”

During the pilot programme, the needs that arise from the use of shared cars will be examined. That way, tenants’ actual demands can be met in a more ingenious manner. Emphasis will be placed on the app’s ease of use and the option to rent the shared cars by the minute, hour, or (part of the) day. 24/7. Because no appointment or day at the office is ever the same.

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