Train platforms

In the future, travellers will enjoy an improved train station and bus station at Schiphol.

The Schiphol Airport train station has become one of the five largest in the Netherlands. In order to create sufficient capacity for the growing number of public transport users, adjustments need to be made.

Facts & figures

The Train Platforms sub-project is responsible for the renewal of the existing escalators and stairs to Plaza and for the creation of three new escalators and stairs to the bus station. In addition, entrance gates will be installed at the station. Furthermore, we are improving fire safety and the provision of information for travellers.

This sub-project will create a safer train station with more space for travellers. During the period of works, travellers can continue to make use of the train station. However, one or more of the escalators/stairs between the platforms and Plaza will sometimes temporarily be out of use.


Date What
February 2022 Signing of contract with BAM
January 2023 Start works
2025 Complete/Inauguration