- System Integrator

A lot of I.T. innovations are being made at Schiphol, alongside all the other changes. Schiphol uses all sorts of IT-based systems to control gas, electricity and cameras, as well as climate and fire prevention, security and check-in counters. These systems are not always visible, but they are very important to maintain smooth operations. Systems Integrator advises Schiphol on how to handle these.

Work behind the scenes

Some systems are there to make everyone’s airport stay pleasant and safe – like climate controls, lighting, fire detectors and sprinklers. There are also many behind-the-scenes systems that make every daily process run smoothly, such as check-in desks and baggage handling. Systems Integrator ensures that all of those separate systems work together in unison. They are an external party who advise us during the construction of the new pier and terminal.

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