New terminal

Imagine 70 million people coming to visit. At Schiphol, numbers like this no longer faze us – as far as we’re concerned, the more the merrier! At the same time, we are determined to ensure that the airport remains a place where our travellers can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, even if things are busier than before. With that in mind, we have started work on the construction of a brand new terminal.

New pier and terminal

More space, greater comfort

The new terminal will be up and running in 2023. This means our travellers can continue to count on short waiting times, fast service and optimal safety, now and in the future. The new terminal will be light and spacious. It has a deceptively simple design that features a wealth of smart solutions. These include a clearer separation between arrival and departure flows, while check-in and security take pride of place on a raised plateau. All so that our travellers can enjoy more space and greater comfort.

These are our plans

Dit is de planning - airside project

Who is building it

The construction of the new terminal will provide more room for the growing number of travellers Schiphol serves each day. This light and modern structure creates a wealth of space for arriving and departing travellers. People will be able to enjoy magnificent views of the skies over Holland from the raised plateau for check-in and security, as there will be large windows and skylights in the roof. The terminal’s design is the work of KL AIR – a collaboration between KAAN Architects, Estudio Lamela, ABT and Ineco.

Where it’s being built

The new terminal will be located south of Schiphol Plaza, on the site of what used to be the P2 car park. It will connect to the existing terminal, while ensuring a stricter separation between traveller flows (arrival and departure). Schiphol Plaza will expand onto what is currently Jan Dellaertplein. That square will therefore be roofed-over. Departing travellers will enter the building one floor up, and proceed directly to check-in and security. Travellers landing at Schiphol will leave the airport via the south side.

When it’s being built

Constructing a brand-new terminal takes time. Crushing the concrete slabs from the P2 car park is a mammoth task in and of itself. It was worthwhile though, since all that concrete can be put to good use in the building of the terminal. It’s all part and parcel of our Zero Waste policy. The new terminal will be up and running in 2023.

What is being built

We need more space to cater for the millions of travellers we welcome each year. That’s quite a challenge, given that there is limited room for expansion at Schiphol. KL AIR’s smart designs rise to meet this challenge, giving us far more space than within our present confines.

  • New pier

    At the end of 2019, we will be welcoming travellers to our new pier. It will have plenty of greenery, more art and even playgrounds for the kids.

Thousands of bombs and grenades

Ton de Rooij works as a Conventional Explosives expert at Schiphol. He explains, ‘we estimate that there are about 1500 unexploded bombs located around here. The new terminal is in a partially suspect area. It’s time for soil research’.

New terminal built from Schiphol’s DNA

Schiphol’s new terminal will go into service in 2023. The terminal’s design may look deceptively simple and transparent, but its design is very well thought out. KAAN Architecten were commissioned to design the new terminal; Partner Kees Kaan explains their approach.

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