New pier and terminal

Travellers and airlines can count on a smoother journey thanks to Schiphol’s new pier and terminal. Read all about these impressive, large-scale construction projects.

New pier and terminal

Imagine 14 million people visiting once place. At Schiphol, we’re not fazed by welcoming so many travellers – but we do want every single person to feel comfortable inside our airport. That’s why we are building a new pier and terminal. The pier will have 8 new gates which will allow a much smoother flow of travellers than today. And the new terminal will ensure short wait times, fast service and optimal safety.

Insiders info

  • No incidents, no accidents

    One may call him passionate, others meddlesome, but no contractor escapes his watchful eye. ‘No incidents, no accidents. That is why I am here.’

  • New cables in the new year

    At the heart of the building site for the new pier and terminal run numerous cables. Before work on the new construction begins, the cables will all have to be relocated. Aad Duineveld, Steven Thai, René Joore and Jos Stoelinga are among those from Schiphol IT and Schiphol Telematics who are helping to make this happen.

  • The new pier already exists... Virtually

    The new pier at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol may not have been built yet, but that hasn’t stopped BIM manager Michiel van Wijk from walking through it hundreds of times. BIM stands for Building Information Management: a tool to display buildings in 3D.

  • New terminal built from Schiphol’s DNA

    Schiphol’s new terminal will go into service in 2023. The terminal’s design may look deceptively simple and transparent, but its design is very well thought out. KAAN Architecten were commissioned to design the new terminal; Partner Kees Kaan explains their approach.

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    Airport renovations are quite hard to miss – and that’s certainly true of Schiphol. A lot has to happen in a relatively small area.

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