Preparatory Activities Forecourt

In the future, travellers will enjoy an improved train station and bus station at Schiphol. To achieve this we first need to carry out some preparatory activities within the MHS project.

The sub-project Preparatory Activities Forecourt is responsible for moving a number of transport functions from the area in front of Plaza to another nearby location: Koepelstraat. These works will create the necessary space at and around the existing bus station so that other sub-projects involving the buses and trains can carry out their activities.

The accessibility of the airport and the airport processes will remain unchanged during the execution of this sub-project.

Facts & figures

  • The Preparatory Works Forecourt sub-project is the first within the MHS project to get started. Construction starts in August and the project will be completed by the end of the year.
  • This sub-project is necessary to create the space needed for a different bus plaza layout. Various functions have to be relocated.
  • Temporary signage will be installed to direct passengers, carriers and other users on and around the construction site.


Date What
August 2022 Start of works
December 2022 Temporary bus station in operation
Q3/Q4 2023 Koepelstraat forecourt in operation
Q1 2024 Complete/Inauguration