Interview Kim Flinterman: The new B/C connection – a matter of precision

The temporary connection between the B-Pier and C-Pier is now complete after the last 8 modules were put in place. Each module weighed 250 tonnes and covered a length of 270-metres – at 4 metres from the ground!

It was a great challenge to place all of the modules. Kim Flinterman is a project manager on the Capital Programme and responsible for the connection between piers B and C. Kim witnessed the nightly works and said: “Most of the modules were put together at the purpose-built construction site on the Sierra platform. For example, the roof installations and the duct systems were installed there. In order to get all the components to their final destination, they had to cross the runway one by one, which could only take place at night”.

The modules all weigh 250-tonnes at 4-metres from the ground. They had to fit into the exact right spot to connect with the foundation. That was a tough job. “We only had a margin of 4-millimeters”, said Kim. “That’s it. That was a real challenge for our contractors, of course. Nevertheless, it all worked out perfectly. It’s really impressive to see a huge module at such a height. When the placement went in the way it was meant to, it was just incredible”.

It’s now time for the finishing works. The materials used are chosen based on sustainability. The floor contains 3000 wooden plates sourced from Finnish forests. These plates and can all be reused, just like the façade cladding, ceilings, façade frames, glazing, roof insulation and even the drainpipes. The travellators will be hoisted in using a purpose-built trapdoor in the floor. The new connection between Pier-B and Pier-C will be ready to be officially opened and used at the end of year, after all systems have been fully tested and approved.

The new corridor is bright blue and can be easily recognised. About the colour, Kim said: “The new connection will be there temporarily, and probably remain in place for about 6 years. It ensures that travellers are able to move to the B-Pier during the time it takes to construct the new terminal. The temporary connection will be removed when the new terminal opens. We chose bright blue to ensure that the connection looks temporary. In that way, it stands out from the adjacent buildings”.