Interview Bernardo Gogna: Contours of the new pier

The Capital Programme has made great progress in the last 1.5 years under the stewardship of Director Bernardo Gogna. The Italian architect is engaged with the development of Schiphol’s new pier and terminal – and all the bits and pieces that go with it. Bernardo said: “We achieved all of the goals we set for 2017, and we want to do that again this year”.

Bernardo Gogna

Foundations are set

The piles have been driven, the concrete has been poured – in short, the new pier’s foundations are almost in place. A lot had to be removed last year for this to happen. The P2 Car Park was flattened, just like the Transview and part of the Cargo buildings. Bernardo said: “To build, you have to remove things. The demolition work has been successful. Now that the foundations are in place, we can build back up again.

A huge and complex project

It is not yet clear which contractor will build Schiphol’s new pier, so we need to wait a little longer. “The tender is almost complete”, said Bernardo. “We can begin soon after the contractor comes on board. The pier’s construction project is huge and complex, and there is a lot of pressure to keep working on it because we want to have it ready to use by the end of 2019”.

Build and design

This project is not simple and straightforward. Bernardo said “There are a lot of difficulties. We’re not building a simple apartment. It’s an immense job, right in the middle of daily operations. We are doing everything we can to prevent risks and bother for travellers and airport staff, and that requires a lot of coordination. And, while we are building we’re also designing the new terminal building. – ”.

Time to hit the gas pedal

Bernardo is really looking forward to the new pier going up. He said, “The works in and on the ground are not really visible, and I find myself looking forward to seeing the contours of the building arising. We aim to have the first half of the pier build during the course of this year, which we expect to go well. The organization is in place and in operation, we will now fully hit the gas pedal.

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