Interview Bernardo Gogna - Schiphol – world famous airport

Italian-native Bernardo Gogna is the Director of the Capital Programme – a package of construction projects and innovations at Schiphol. His role is to manage those projects.

Bernardo Gogna

The Polder model – also known as consensus-based decision making – is one of the first Dutch words Bernardo Gogna learnt upon taking up his new role at Schiphol. And ‘discuss’ is exactly what he did in those first few weeks. Bernardo said: ‘Schiphol is a giant airport on a small surface. There are countless people and companies involved in our plans. Those concerned must first be on board. Then we can start’.

Fit for purpose

With his years of experience in airport development, Gogna seems the perfect person to steer Schiphol's plans. ‘It's a huge challenge’, Bernado said. 'Schiphol is one of the first airports involved in passenger experience and satisfaction. For this, we need to expand and grow on the relatively small space we have. In the meantime, Schiphol must remain an oiled machine. That's quite a wish list’.

In Schiphol’s DNA

Gogna sees the Schiphol of tomorrow as extremely functional. ‘Embracing the idea of ‘spectacular simplicity’ seems to be in Dutch DNA. Safety and sustainability are also important, but how we shape this is still an open question. We are currently looking for the best experts for realise and execute these plans, in order to deliver a new pier and terminal and other improvements over a number of years’.

Bid farewell to travel stress

Many travellers have been wondering when the renovations will take place. 'There are millions of travellers moving through Schiphol every year. Changes always have an impact here, even if we do everything we can to limit them. The road to success will have a few speed-bumps. But in a few years, Schiphol will be the spacious, diverse and stylish airport that everyone wants to come’.

Perform today. Create tomorrow.