Decommission P2

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol needs more space in order to keep up with the growing number of travellers and air transport movements. With this in mind, we have started work on the construction of a brand new pier and terminal. We have also demolished the P2 car park to create more space.

Please also check the information on parking


The P2 car park has been closed since 1 October 2017, and has been demolished to make room for the construction work on the new pier and terminal.


The number of travellers at Schiphol keeps growing each year, which is why we need an extra pier and terminal. The planned renovations are large in scale and will require lots of space. Some of this space is being created at the cost of the P2 car park. This changes parking at Schiphol.


The P2 car park was closed on 1 October 2017, and no longer exists.

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