News: Work started on Kaagbaagtunnel

Travellers will not notice anything but employees on airside certainly will: The tunnel under the Kaagbaan runway has been partially taken out of service. There is only one lane in the tunnel available for fuel trucks, baggage carts, and all other traffic between Schiphol-Centrum and the Sierra platform until June 2019. Our contractor Vialis is working on the other lane.

Published on: 13 December 2018

Safety first

In the next seven months, we are building a separate escape route in the Kaagbaantunnel, as well as installing its safety ventilation, camera surveillance, crossing barriers, information signs, and all accompanying equipment and cables. In doing so, we assure that the tunnel is compliant with the legislation on tunnel and fire safety. Just like in the Buitenvelderttunnel.


It doesn’t happen often that a tunnel stays in use during works like these. At Schiphol we are dealing with an extraordinary situation however: The tunnel consists of only one tube and we do not have any alternative routes that are up to par for all the types of traffic that use the tunnel. Possible diversions would have to go either over or around the Kaagbaan runway, one of the most important runways at Schiphol. That is not desirable due to our capacity. This is therefore a logical solution.