News: Tunnel technology; first tunnel tube now ready

Published on: 13 August 2018

Tube A of the Buitenvelderttunnel has been closed for a good three months while it was fitted out with all the necessary ‘tunnel technical installations’. On Saturday 11 August, Tube A was taken back into use, and on Sunday, the next day, Tube C was taken out of use. Drivers will have to keep an eye out, because this changes the road traffic situation.

From cameras to coating

In recent months, Vialis workers have been busy fitting Tube A of the Buitenvelderttunnel with ‘tunnel technical installations’ such as heat-resistant coating for the ceiling, fire-resistant coating for the whole tunnel, cameras for monitoring, ventilators and public address loudspeakers. ‘Help stations’ have also been constructed: wall boxes containing fire extinguishers and an intercom linked to an operator. Escape doors have been fitted at the mid-point of the tunnel tube.

Cables and electronics

Less visible, but no less important, are the electronics needed to operate all the new equipment. Great lengths of cable have been drawn through, and technical areas adapted.