News: The last pier standing

The final part of the Upgrade Piers project: Pier E. On 13 May, project director Siebolt Bennema of PLuS and director Evert Lemmen of Stukton placed their signatures to launch what should be a successful working partnership. Evert: ‘We are happy with the confidence that Schiphol has in us again and we find it fantastic that we are allowed to start work on this pier as well.’

Published on: 14 May 2019

Icing on the cake

We will be renovating the pier’s waiting areas, ensuring once again that it has plenty of light and space. ‘However, the icing on the cake will be the ceiling, at the very heart of the pier’, says Siebolt. There will be transparent curtains on the side of this dark-green eye-catcher, and the additional soft lighting will allow travellers to embark on their journeys in a relaxed frame of mind.


Looking ahead

At the end of August, we will start setting up the building site at Gate E08. Shortly afterwards, we will create temporary retail outlets between Gates E08 and E18, and in mid-September we will begin renovation work on the sanitary facilities near Gate E08, in accordance with the Toilet Spa Concept. We will also be demolishing the nearby Vizzit store. Various retail concepts are also scheduled to open.