News: The “big five” achievements of Redevelopment Terminal 1 in 2019

We have been working incredibly hard in Departure Hall 1 and Departure Lounge 1 in 2019. But what exactly have we achieved? Here are the year’s five major milestones.

Published on: 9 December 2019

1. Steel frame transformed into new mezzanine floor

At the end of 2018, Departure Hall 1 was dominated by an amazing steel framework. In 2019 we have transformed that into a fully-fledged mezzanine floor. After fitting metal plates and installing sprinklers, cabling and other essential systems, the time came to pour the concrete. That was a massive job: to cover 900 square metres, we had to use no less than 160 cubic metres of concrete. And remember, we completed the whole task without closing the departure hall for so much as a minute. An incredible achievement. In 2020 we will start fitting out the new mezzanine, with facilities including 21 security lanes.

2. Two brand new business class lounges

It has been a while now, but that makes it no less impressive an accomplishment: in February we opened two beautiful business class lounges in Departure Lounge 1, for Swissport and Star Alliance, where the Touchdown restaurant used to be. Located in one of the oldest sections of Schiphol and on the third floor, you can imagine how challenging it was lifting all the construction materials into place. About 5000 passengers now visit the new lounges every week, and their reactions are really positive.

Manager Lounges Chiel Gerbracht: ‘Not only the passsengers are happy with the result, but the employees of the lounges are too!’


3. New escalator, stairs and lifts to Panorama Terrace

It may not sound that spectacular, but in fact it has been a considerable operation: the construction of new escalators, stairs and lifts in Departure Hall 1. Since July you can take the stairs or escalator up from the ground floor, by Café Rembrandt, to the departure hall. In October the link to the third floor and the Panoramic terrace was completed. This new route provides direct access from the front of the terminal to Departure Hall 1, and for visitors to the third-floor hospitality outlets and terrace bypasses the check-in area, reducing congestion for passengers there.

Project manager Dánica: “To make this stairway-lift combination possible, part of the building’s frontage has been moved 4 metres outwards. We also had to drill through an incredibly hard concrete floor a metre thick. But the results speak for themselves!”

4. Opening of temporary security filter

The opening of the temporary security filter is probably the biggest milestone achieved in 2019. A new extension to Schiphol with eight lanes featuring the latest CT technology to ensure that security capacity remains up to par throughout the improvement work in Departure Hall 1. Want to admire this achievement? Take a peek down the corridor between Departure Halls 1 and 1A. The filter has been operational since 1 October and passengers seem to find their way perfectly.

5. Brand new staff restaurant

People working at Schiphol are also benefiting from the redevelopment of Departure Hall 1 and Lounge 1, because on 18 November 2019 we opened a brand new staff restaurant. A fantastic space, with multiple service counters and even a patio.

After these achievements, we are ready for 2020! Another year in which we have plenty of milestones planned...