News: Start of a mini documentary series: ‘Building the future’

Thursday, 28 November will see the launch of a series of mini documentaries in which each week we give viewers a look behind the scenes of the construction work on the new pier and terminal, and the work going on landside. Who are the building contractors, sub-contractors, architects and Schiphol colleagues involved? What do they do, what motivates them and what challenges are they facing?

Published on: 28 November 2019

A visit to the construction site with André and Tony

In this first episode, we follow André van den Berg (CCO Royal Schiphol Group) and Tony Chisnall (director of the Capital Programme). We will observe them as they go about their work, which includes a visit to the pier construction site.

Paper reality

In episode 2, we talk to the architect and the contractor of the new pier. “What we are designing is a paper reality. Afterwards, someone has to do the actual building,” says Ruben Molendijk-van Nieuwenhuyzen in this episode. He is a project architect on the AECOM/cepezed team. We also meet Devrim Ömer, project director from Ballast Nedam/TAV Construction. Devrim and his team are bringing Ruben’s ‘paper reality’ to life. All this and more! See you on 5 December!