News: Renovation of Departure Hall 1 well under way

While demolition crews are tearing up the Departure Hall 1 and the Departure Lounge site, installers, pavers, IT technicians and other specialists are going the extra mile to complete construction work at another site as quickly as possible.

Renovation of Departure Hall 1 well under way

Published on: 17 July 2019

New stairs, escalator and elevator in Departure Hall 1

In Departure Hall 1, the new stairs, escalator and elevator near the façade connecting the ground floor to the first floor are almost ready for use. To make room for these new additions, the original façade was moved four metres outward. The stairs, escalator and lift will be accessible from the last week of July. In the last quarter of 2019, we will also finish the new footbridge and the escalator to the second floor, completing the new route to the Panorama Terrace.

Temporary Security Filter

The Temporary Security Filter (TSF) on Cockpitplein now boasts a brand-new tiled floor, and the installation work – putting in things like cable ducts and sprinklers – is almost complete. We are currently constructing the walls for the supporting rooms, and we have also begun purchasing furniture for the interior. In the meantime, our IT team is getting ready to move all the necessary equipment and security systems from the terminal to the new filter. The TSF will be taken into use 1 October, by which time everything needs to be up and running smoothly.

Lots of activity around the mezzanine

The area around the mezzanine floor in Departure Hall 1 is still being overhauled too – demolition work is in full swing, as we are dismantling the former company restaurant, the old Swissportlounge and the former HMS and security buildings. The framework for the landing, at the back of the mezzanine, is now in place and ready to be filled with concrete. In addition, we closed a large area at Plaza level to work on the stairs, escalator and lift that will take passengers from the first floor to the mezzanine.

Work will continue during the construction industry holiday

Work is expected to continue apace during the traditional construction industry holiday – from pouring concrete for the landing and construction on the Privium lounge to prep work for the TSF, such as moving all the IT equipment to ensure a smooth transfer on 1 October. We are currently on schedule, and we are determined to ensure on-time delivery.