News: How is Lounge 1 progressing?

It’s not only the Departures that is being developed; the shopping area behind it (Lounge 1) is ready for an upgrade, too. The aim is to improve the flow and service in the Lounge area and provide additional facilities. This is no small task. The project area is no less than 12,500 m2. Here’s how things are looking at the moment.

Published on: 5 September 2018

A challenge for the architects

Fortunately, the architects awarded the contract for Lounge 1 are not easily discouraged. A rough plan has been laid down for the division of the renovated lounge into spaces and walking routes, but what’s it all going to look like? ZENBER Architecten and IAA Architecten are starting on the design in September and will be collaborating with Benthem Crouwel NACO. Together they will produce a preliminary design to give Amsterdam Airport Schiphol an idea of the future atmosphere and ambience.

What is next?

Once the preliminary design has been produced, we will continue as follows:

  • Before the summer of 2019: a definitive design
  • After the summer of 2019: the design will be translated into a technical design and preparations for construction will commence
  • First quarter of 2020: start of the renovation of Lounge 1
  • First quarter of 2021: first subproject will be ready (including a new walking route in the Lounge)
  • First quarter 2022: completion of the project

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