News: HMSHost has moved to Skyport

The new offices for HMSHost were completed in mid-December. Although they were under a tight schedule, it was completed in time. Both parties are very pleased with the result. The food and beverage services company was able to move into the new location on the third floor of Skyport before the Christmas holidays.

Published on: 25 January 2019

The project started in March 2018, because HMSHost had to make room for the construction of the new mezzanine floor. We found a suitable new location on the third floor of Skyport, with approximately 400 square metres of office space. Skyport is a dated building, and Schiphol Asset Management (ASM) and Schiphol Real Estate (SRE) were already planning to renovate and update the complex. The Skyport renovation plans were included in the project for HMSHost.

Hard work, good result

Work on the building included the removal of asbestos, upgrading the outdated heating system, replacing the building’s fire detection system and a host of other activities. The entire third floor was stripped and redesigned by HMSHost itself. DZAP designed the plans and worked with the main contractors on the renovation. As you can see in the picture, the results are simply spectacular!