News: Departure Hall 1: making progress

Developments in and around Departure Hall 1 are moving fast. We can’t wait to tell you how much has changed in the past few weeks, and what is still in the pipeline.

Published on: 23 April 2019

The mezzanine is in place, and the Temporary Security Filter has a roof

At this stage, you can’t miss the changes in Departure Hall 1. The contours of the new mezzanine are in place, and the concrete for this mezzanine floor has already been poured. Meanwhile, the temporary security filter has acquired a roof and construction traffic now has a designated bridge (also temporary) into the departure hall.

What’s the schedule?

There’s still a lot to do. We’re currently demolishing the staff restaurant and working hard on the preparations for the new hospitality area (formerly Dakota). We’re also putting the finishing touches to the permanent bridge by the central stairs (near Rembrandt) and working behind the scenes to install a permanent staircase, escalator and lift. To the rear, the mezzanine in Departure Lounge 1 will ultimately benefit from an open landing, for which we are currently bringing in the necessary steel. And the new roof means that the temporary security filter is now weather-proof.