News: Departure Filter 1 is ready for use

On the night of 7/8 December, the first ten security lanes in the new mezzanine in Departure Hall 1 were officially ‘opened’. After two years of demolition, construction and installation work, the result is impressive.

Published on: 14 December 2020

State-of-the-art security lanes

The security lanes in the new departure filter have been fitted with CT scans. As a result, all of Schiphol’s security lanes are now equipped with the latest technology. This is unique: we are the world’s first major state-of-the-art hub airport to achieve this. Of course, we are very proud of that.

The modern technology in the new security lanes offers multiple advantages. Passengers can now sail through security: they no longer need to remove liquids and electronics, such as laptops, from their bag or case. Security staff can work much more efficiently.

Short routes, more space

The new access point between Departure Halls 1 and 2 has also been completed. This creates a fast route for passengers travelling via these departure halls with hand baggage only. The new access point takes them straight upstairs, to the mezzanine area. The result is more space downstairs for passengers checking in and a better flow.

Departure Hall: the finishing touches

Departure Hall 1 is almost nearing completion, but we are not quite there yet. Next year, we are opening a new stairway/escalator and lift at the rear of Departure Hall 1 intended for passengers who have checked in (their baggage) and are heading towards security on the mezzanine floor.

The work reaches its climax in the summer of 2021, when we will open the final 11 new security lanes. The showpiece in Departure Hall 1 will then have been completed, enabling everyone to enjoy the biggest upgrade in years.