News: Bye-bye Havenmeesterweg, hello Koepelstraat!

Can you remove a public road, just like that?

‘For the construction of the new terminal, everything that’s in its way needs to be removed.’ These, in a nutshell, were the instructions given to project manager Peter van Wijk. And as it turned out, Havenmeesterweg was ‘in the way’. But can you remove a road, just like that?

Creative shoehorn management

Creative ’shoehorn management’ resulted in the birth of a new road: Koepelstraat. Where does that name actually come from?

The biggest challenge

And the project’s biggest challenge? Space! Not really above ground, but underground. ‘All of the existing terminal’s main pipes and cables are underneath Havenmeesterweg, from sewage and gas pipes through to power cables. And cables and pipes need space too.’ This called for some extraordinarily creative solutions.

projectmanager Peter van Wijk

Published on: 26 November 2019

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