Stay fresh during your flight with Kaqun oxygen water: Travel tip: Kaqun oxygen water

You know the feeling, getting off a flight feeling a little worse for wear, maybe even with a light headache. Often, this is caused by a lack of oxygen. Kaqun oxygen water will help you keep fresh for a longer period of time. Find out more in this article and try Kaqun for yourself at the Privium ClubLounge.

Kaqun oxygen water

What causes the oxygen deficiency?

Airplanes fly at high altitudes (usually around 10 kilometres), which results in very low air pressures. In order to provide a sufficient amount of oxygen, air has to be pumped into the plane. That air is sucked in through the engines and is subsequently compressed, cooled and filtered. In spite of all these measures, your body will get less oxygen on a plane than on the ground. The oxygen values on a plane correspond to how you would experience it in the mountains at an altitude of roughly 2500 metres. Most of us are not used to this. Due to a lower level of oxygen in the blood, there is less in the cells and that makes us feel tired. That effect is made worse by sitting still for a prolonged period of time, making it even more difficult for the body to pump oxygen around.

Oxygen enriched water

Kaqun is water that has been enriched with oxygen at the molecular level (not in a gaseous state). It injects the cells (and the brain) with oxygen within minutes and helps transport oxygen freely throughout the body. Drinking Kaqun also triggers an increase in oxygen uptake from the blood, which lasts up to 2 to 3 hours after having drunk 0.5 litres – both extraordinary and, above all, highly effective. You'll be arriving at your destination sharper and fitter than before, which is great if you're powering through to a meeting straight off the flight.

Try Kaqun at home or at the ClubLounge

Soon, you will be able to experience the benefits of Kaqun oxygen water at the Privium ClubLounge. If you like what Kaqun offers, then, as a Privium member, you'll be able to order Kaqun water with a temporary 10% discount. Order by sending an email with your name and Privium membership number to this email address. The offer is valid till 1 July 2017.

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