Privium Special Offers: 25% discount on Thule Subterra collection: Exclusive 25% introductory savings

The Thule Subterra Luggage line combines form, function and sustainability. Stylish, versatile and made to last, the collection features suitcases and backpacks, in addition to bags and covers for laptops. No matter how far or long your journey, Thule can provide just the right companion.

  • Hold and carry-on baggage;
  • Laptop bags and covers;
  • Sleek, modern styling;
  • Smart design and innovative storage.

Through years of experience and extensive testing, Thule has created the Subterraline of travel products that will keep you looking sharp, even with thousands of kilometres under your belt!

Now, Privium members can benefit from an exclusive 25% discount on the new Thule Subterra Luggage line until April 1, 2017 by showing your Privium card, at the Paolo Salotto shop at Schiphol Plaza.