Privium Partner: Travel better, together

If you are an existing Privium member and travel regularly with your partner or child, Privium Partner may be ideal for you. If you travel together, you can enjoy your priority treatment and additional benefits.

Travel together

A Privium Partner add-on allows you to travel faster and more comfortably with your partner or child. If you come to the airport together, you will enjoy everything that the main cardholder does. If your Privium Partner flies without you or you are a Privium Basic member, your partner will only have priority access to security and the fast border crossing with the iris scan.

Conditions of use:

  • Privium Partner memberships can be requested for your children aged 12-20 years old and/or your spouse. You and your spouse or child must live at the same address. The partner membership is not meant for business partners or business relationships.
  • Privium Partner members must be at least 1.55-metres tall, in order to reach the iris scan
  • Children need to have their own valid passport or European ID card
  • The partner membership for your child will end at the moment your child has reached his/her 21st birthday, unless it’s the only adult partner member registered to the main Privium account.
  • The partner membership will be cancelled when the main Privium member decides to cancel the Privium subscription. The Partner member will be informed of cancellation by Schiphol.

__A Privium Partner membership costs 85 euros per year (including VAT). __

Register now as Partner member

Please request the Privium Partner registration card at the Privium ClubLounge at Schiphol. You can make an appointment via +31 (0) 20 601 42 22.

Please bring the following for your Partner registration visit:

The main Privium member does not need to be present for the Privium ClubLounge appointment if you’re registering a Partner member above the age of 18. If you are requesting a Partner membership for a member below 18 years of age, one of the parents needs to be present. You will also need to bring the filled-in permission form from the other parent. The other parent also needs to be reachable by phone for additional questions. These guidelines are stated by the Dutch Royal Marechaussee. After your visit to the ClubLounge, the Partner card will be ready to use immediately.

Sign up for your partner membership now

It’s easy to get a Privium Partner card at the Privium ClubLounge at Schiphol. You can make an appointment by calling + 31 20 601 42 22.

Please remember to bring the following during your visit:

  • A valid passport or European identity from the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • The following request form completed and signed by the principal Privium member.
  • Proof of residence at your home address. This can be a copy of a recent bank statement, an extract from the population register (one certificate per applicant; and the extract must not be older than three months old) or other official correspondence. To get a Privium Partner membership, you must live at the same address as the principal Privium member.

The principal cardholder does not have to be present when the Privium Partner member visits the Privium ClubLounge. However, this does not apply for Privium Partner memberships for minors. One parent must be present. A permission letter is required and the other parent must be available for additional questions by telephone. Travelling is subject to the Royal Marechaussee’s guidelines When you visit the ClubLounge, your card will be ready for use.