P2: From car park to terminal

From car park to terminal

New-style demolition

P2 is located between two important roads at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and at the foot of our air traffic control tower. Tearing the structure down with a wrecking ball is therefore not an option. Instead, we are carefully drilling loose the 1,500 concrete slabs (which weigh 14,000 kilos each!) that make up P2. Cranes will then lift the slabs onto trailers, which will transport them to a storage facility. In addition to the concrete, the electrical charging points, ticket dispensers and barriers are also being carefully removed. In essence, we are carrying out the building process in reverse.

A new lease of life

Why throw something away when you can reuse it? The concrete slabs of the car park will be turned into crushed concrete. Combined with mortar, this makes for the perfect basic foundation for a new platform, a new pier or even a new terminal! The lampposts, barriers and other typical car park accessories will be moved to various other car parks at Schiphol, or will be used in the construction of new parking facilities. Almost every inch of the car park will be reused, because our airport is aiming for Zero Waste.

What next?

The demolition of P2 will be complete before Christmas. After that, this location will be the central construction site, from where we will be implementing diversions and constructing the new pier and terminal. In short, Schiphol will be undergoing quite a few changes in the years ahead. However, these changes are necessary to accommodate the airport’s growth. We want to make sure that you can travel conveniently, both now and in 2023, when a beautiful new terminal will be ready for you at what is now P2.

If you want to know what the best place is to park now that P2 is gone, visit schiphol.nl/priviumparking.