Terminal Valet Parking add-ons: Get a little something extra

If Terminal Valet Parking is ice cream, then these extras are the cherries on top! Take a look below and see if any of these add-ons take your fancy.

There are 2 easy ways to get an add-on –book one at the service desk, or online.

Love your car

Have a great trip and let us do the hard work. Come back to a clean car, washer-fluid refill, or a corrective polish. Refill €3.80/l, wash from € 29,50.

Recharge your car

Get your electric car fully-charged and ready-to-go – just let us know when you arrive. The charge points don’t require a reservation, and we have plenty available. It costs € 0.36 to use our EV charge points, with an initial starting rate of € 1.21.

Fresh flowers for home

Welcome home! We’ll leave a big bunch of flowers for you in your back-seat on the day of your return. From € 24.95.

A driver, perhaps?

Tired after a long journey? Take a nap in the backseat and let our chauffer drive you all the way home. From € 73.50.

Summer <-> winter tyres

We love changing tyres! We can take your car to your local tyre exchange centre, then bring it back again. From € 99 (to and from tyre centre only).