Schiphol Parking Affiliate Programme: Advertising conditions

Schiphol Marketing is based on quality, customer focus and integrity. We also expect our partners to act with similar intent. If you follow these guidelines, we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration. They must be adhered to at all times, at risk of cancellation of ejection from the programme.

Affiliate Parking Products

It is important to ensure that your customers understand that P3 Long Term Parking and P6 Valet Parking are official parking products, provided by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The programme is available for P3 Long Term Parking and P6 Valet Parking. All other parking products should not be advertised. However, if a customer links to the Schiphol website from your site, and decides to upgrade, you will receive commission for the higher-priced product.

Buying keywords        Buying keywords is not permitted on all search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
Keyword policy Direct linking is not permitted, especially for key words like: cash back, discount, coupon, promo code, etc.
Schiphol or may not be used in any advertising text.
Schiphol Parking products may not be mentioned by name or physical location at Schiphol. For example, P3 Long Term Parking and P6 Valet Parking, etc.
Affiliates may not use location extensions as if they were a direct or physical location.
Email Email advertising is only permitted when explicit written permission by Schiphol has been granted.
Social media Direct links are not permitted to If this is communicated, then current rates must be disclosed.
Telemarketing Knowingly listing a wrong or otherwise incorrect number is strictly prohibited. If you list a number in connection with your offering, there must be a person available to take that call.
Discount and promo codes Not allowed
Cashback Not allowed
Savings Not allowed
Cookie stuffing/dropping Not allowed
Display advertising Not allowed

These affiliate terms, articles and guidelines are not legally binding. Schiphol Parking reserves the right to change these guidelines.