Schiphol Airport Partners: Park and profit

For many travellers, the first step upon arriving at Schiphol is finding somewhere to park. Thankfully, Schiphol Parking has a range of enticing options. This page explains how you can use Schiphol Parking as part of your own service offering – and to generate potentially-lucrative passive income streams.


Everyone stands to benefit from our integrated approach. Customers get a clear picture of the total parking cost before they book. Agents can easily expand their services and get commission for every car space sold. And Schiphol can then offer travellers an improved, stress-free travel experience – it’s a win-win-win situation all-round.

Get commission for car spaces

With Schiphol Parking, there are two different ways your business can earn money from commissions:

Agency Agreement

With an Agency Agreement, you can easily book car spaces by using your own booking software engine. This agreement applies when you’re booking more than 250 entries per year.

Affiliate Agreement

Place a link to Schiphol Parking’s booking engine on your website. Your customers will be able to create a simple booking fast, and with our system.