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Privium Terminal Valet Parking: Schiphol's official valet parking service

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Why to choose Privium Terminal Valet Parking

  • The fastest official valet service from Schiphol
  • Parking in front of the departure halls
  • We park your car in an enclosed, covered parking garage
  • Reliable: GPS tracker and kilometer registration. Never more than 6 extra kilometres on the clock
  • We photograph the car upon arrival
  • Extras: car wash service, flowers for those who are staying home

Want to start your trip while we park your car in our enclosed, covered parking garage? Then Privium Terminal Valet Parking is perfect for you. This is our fastest parking option with most services. You will be on the airplane right away, because you hand over your car keys between Departures 2 and 3.

The address of Privium Terminal Valet Parking is Vertrekpassage 3, 1118 ZG Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer. View the route on Google Maps.

Parking rates Terminal Valet Parking

Online reservations are required for Terminal Valet Parking. You can book up to 2 hours in advance. The rate you pay will depend on your selected parking period and the length your car remains with us. The online rate is always cheaper than last-minute or telephone bookings. Do you want to park within 2 hours before departure? Then you need to contact us via telephone number: 020 406 7890. You pay the rate below. For the cheaper online rate, fill in the date picker at the top of this page. You can easily pay online in advance for reservations made via the website. Cash payments for a longer parking time and/or any extras when you return from your trip are not possible. You can pay these at our desk with pin or credit card.

Time Price
1 day € 75 regardless of duration
From 2 days € 7.50 per hour until the maximum daily rate of € 52.50 is reached

Change a parking reservation

It is free to change your parking reservation up to 24 hours before you arrive. That is ideal if you plan to arrive at Schiphol with a different car (i.e. with a different number plate) or if your travel dates change. It is important to remember that if you change your reservation, you will automatically receive a new reservation number. Please save the confirmation of your reservation and any changes that we send you by email, as they will contain the most up-to-date information. If you cancel within 24 hours before departure, please call us on +31 20-4067890.

Changing or cancelling a parking reservation

Privium Terminal Valet Parking: facts and figures

  • Unlimited parking duration
  • Never more than 6 extra kilometers on the clock
  • Last minute reservations can be made by telephone within 2 hours
  • Terminal Valet Parking subscription is optional
  • Charging points for electric cars
  • GPS-registration to and from the final parking space
  • Optional services: comfortable loge, car wash service, flowers for those who are staying home

From car to plane (and back)

Step 1: If you are using a navigation system, enter: Vertrekpassage 3, Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer. Or follow the signs for departures at Schiphol. Drive to the barrier right in front of Departure Hall 1, you will get access by means of the license plate that is specified in your parking reservation. Park you car in one of the designated Terminal Valet Parking spaces.

Hier vind je Terminal Valet Parking

Step 2: Leave your home on time. Please check your airline's website for up-to-date advice and your check-in desk’s opening time. Are you leaving within 2-hours? Then it is possible to make a last-minute reservation by phone +31 (0)20 406 7890. You pay a higher rate for this. An online reservation is cheaper.

Step 3: A professional valet employee will receive your car keys at our desk. We also photograph your car when you arrive. In that case, you can be assured the car will return in the same condition as you handed it in with us.

Step 4: The employee drives the car to a secure and covered parking space and keeps track of the route and speed taken to park it using GPS.

Step 5: We park your car and make sure it is ready at the same place at the departure hall when you return.

Privium Terminal Valet Parking: Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to reserve Privium Terminal Valet Parking within 2 hours before departure?

That is possible, but not online. If you depart within 2 hours, please contact our service desk by phone via via 020 406 7890. Keep in mind that you will pay another rate for reservations made within 2 hours before your departure. You can find this rate on this page.

What are the advantages of a Privium Terminal Valet Parking subscription?

A subscription makes Privium Terminal Valet Parking easier, faster and more comfortable.

  • Park now and pay afterwards via a monthly invoice
  • Options to easily add employees, pay invoices or view the booking history. Subscribe or Log in.

What extra services does Privium Terminal Valet Parking offer?

During the reservation process, you can add extra options. Examples of these options are: a carwash and flowers for the people staying at home. This will make your trip from and towards Schiphol extra comfortable.

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Claim a refund for double parking costs

If your parking reservation costs were paid twice, you can request a refund for the extra cost. This situation may occur when a reservation was made then a parking ticket was taken from the machine, or if the reservation was double-paid by credit card.

Claim a refund for double parking costs

We’re here to help anytime.