Affiliate Parking Agreement: The programme that pays

Schiphol Parking’s affiliate programme gives businesses a unique way to earn money. It allows you to grow your business and increase revenue. And with attractive commissions on every qualifying sale, it’s a great way to take advantage of passive income streams.

Here’s what you need

It’s easy to take part. All you need is your business’ website. Every time your site refers a person to ours, your business will earn commission on every qualifying sale. These sales may be for parking, or any other product, bought during the same session.

Here’s how it works

Simply promote two of our main parking products – P3 Long Term and Schiphol P6 Valet Parking. What’s great about Schiphol’s programme is that you will always get commission based on the average order value, even if we upsell. For example, if your referral upgrades their parking product during the same session, you will get the higher commission value.

Let the data do the talking

  • Top commission rate of 5.17%
  • Average order value of € 80
  • Average eCPCs of € 0.20
  • Average commission of around € 6.62 per sale
  • Average click sale ratio of 13.51%

Sign up

Read the terms of use and advertising

The earning possibilities are virtually endless – and many of our current affiliates earn thousands of euros a month. But they must also abide by strict rules.

Please read the terms of use and advertising conditions below before you sign up.