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Parking at Schiphol

P1 Parking

Park up to 48 hours. With a booking you can park longer than 48 hours.

The best choice for those who want to park just a few minutes walk to Departures. For short trips and pick up or drop off.

P1 Parking

P3 Long Term Sheltered

Minimum period of 8 hours. No online booking required.

A smart choice to get your holiday off to a great start. Sheltered parking, just a few minutes to and from Departures by bus.

P3 Long Term Sheltered

P3 Long Term Unsheltered

Minimum period of 8 hours. No online booking required.

A smart choice to get your holiday off to a great start. Just a few minutes to Departures by bus.

P3 Long Term Unsheltered

P6 Valet Parking

Minimum period of 8 hours. Online booking required.

The most stress-free and fastest option. Leave your car in a safe area in walking distance to and from Departures.

P6 Valet Parking

P1 Parking Pick-up and Drop-off

Park up to 7 hours. A booking is recommended.

The convenience and security of parking close to the terminal for a warm welcome or a fond farewell.

P1 Parking Pick-up and Drop-off

Most requested information

Can I change, extend or cancel my reservation for parking?

Yes, this is possible until 24 hours in advance. You can change or cancel your reservation here. Have you driven in yet? Then extension is no longer possible. Additional costs will then be charged, which you can pay at the payment terminal upon return.

Changing the dates of parking, the license plate of the car, or your personal details is free of charge. Important: if you change your reservation, you will automatically receive a new reservation number. Carefully save the reservation confirmation (and any changes we send you by e-mail). It will contain the most complete information.

The parking fees will only be refunded if you selected the cancellation option when you made the reservation. It is easy to add it when you make your reservation. The €5 charge for adding this option will not be refunded when cancelling your reservation.

Privium Plus members can always change or cancel their reservations for parking free of charge (membership benefit). This can be done until 1 minute before the start of their reservation.

Please note, you can no longer change or extend it in the interim if you have already parked your car. This also applies to Privium Plus members.

Can I arrive earlier than is stated on my reservation?

Ja dat kan, maar houd er rekening mee dat dit van invloed kan zijn op het parkeertarief en dat je bij terugkomst moet bijbetalen bij de betaalautomaat.

Do I get a refund if I pick up my car earlier?

You do not get a refund if you return earlier. After all, we have reserved a space for you for the period as stated.

Do I have a right to a refund when I cancel my reservation for parking?

You are only entitled to a refund for parking charges if you have selected the cancellation option when making your reservation. Unfortunately, you will not get a refund if you have not chosen the cancellation option.

I have not received a reservation confirmation, what should I do?

  • Has the reservation charge been deducted from your account? If not, then the reservation was not successful. A new reservation should be made.
  • Did the reservation confirmation end up in your spam folder?
  • Do you have several e-mail addresses? Perhaps you entered a different e-mail address when you made the reservation.
  • If you did not receive your reservation confirmation but the reservation charge has been deducted, then please contact us.

Please note: check if you have received the reservation confirmation, the online rates are only valid with a reservation confirmation. Without a valid reservation you will pay the regular rate.

You can of course also contact us with any other questions.

Terms and conditions Schiphol Parking

All services and Schiphol Parking Schiphol Valet parking only apply to the full terms and conditions.

Pick-up and drop-off

You have various options when it comes to picking someone up from Schiphol or dropping someone off. If you are dropping someone off, you can go to the Kiss & Ride area in front of the Departures hall. It's quick and easy, but you are only allowed to be there for a few minutes. If you want to give someone a fond farewell or warm welcome, we recommend using P1 Parking Pick-up and Drop-Off. You are assured of a parking spot, which is a 3 to 5 minutes’ walk to and from the terminal. And you have plenty of time for a cup of coffee or a drink. Be sure to reserve a spot to guarantee your space.

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