From check-in to baggage belt - Who does what at Schiphol?

From the moment that you arrive at Schiphol, hundreds of helpful staff are ready to help you get to where you're going. These people help you check in or point you to the right gate. When you arrive back home, there's always someone nearby to help you find your baggage, or passport control. Do you know who does what at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? Discover our team, who are ready to help you day and night.

Who does what?

Before take-off

Having arrived at the departure hall, your first stop will be the check-in desks. Here, you'll find airline staff waiting to check in your baggage. Next, it's time to walk over to security with your hand baggage, where Schiphol staff will help you through the customary security check. If everything is in order, you can head on through to passport control. This check is carried out by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Flying within the Schengen Area? You can go straight through without showing your passport. Once you've arrived at the gate, the airline's ground stewardesses and stewards will recheck your boarding pass – and, in some cases, your passport – before you can board. Your baggage will be loaded onto the aircraft in the meantime. Once the aircraft starts taxiing, air traffic control will guide you to the appropriate runway. Let's go!

Who does what upon arrival?

Once the aircraft has landed at Schiphol, air traffic control will inform the pilots which gate to taxi to. Once the aircraft has reached the gate, the airline will immediately start unloading the baggage. As you are walking along the pier to passport control, your suitcase is being transported to the baggage belt by Schiphol's baggage system. Once your passport has been checked by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee – or not, if you are travelling within the Schengen Area – you can go straight through to reclaim your baggage. Your baggage may be checked by Customs officers before you enter the arrival hall. Although your trip will be over by the time you get to the arrival hall, we hope that you'll have enough great memories to take home with you.

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