In the terminal building with the assistant: What to expect

New assistant

In the terminal building, you will meet the assistant who will guide you through the terminal. He or she will have a wheelchair; you may also choose to walk, depending on your mobility, of course. On a number of aprons, we provide transportation using electric caddies.


You might be sharing a caddy with other passengers. Do you have a formal assistant, and is he or she registered? If so, your assistant is allowed to join you on the caddy. Others travelling with you are only allowed on the caddy if there is enough room. If there is not enough room, then the assistant will agree on where to meet.

Passport control and security screening

You go through the security screening with your assistant. Depending on the airport of your departure and arrival, you might have to go through passport control. At security control, the staff will check your person as well as any medication, medical aids and associated documents you may have. This may take longer.

Assistance Lounge

If you have more than three hours to wait for your connecting flight to depart, our assistant will escort you to the Assistance Lounge using the caddy (or your own wheelchair). You can wait for your connecting flight in this lounge. Assistants will be on hand to help you. Shops, bars, restaurants and accessible toilets are located nearby the Assistance Lounge. Your assistant will agree a time to pick you up and take you to the gate for your connecting flight.