Services offered by the assistant: What to expect from the assistant

The assistant assists all people who have difficulty getting around the airport and/or making use of the facilities.

About the assistance

Can the assistant help me with my baggage?

Yes. The assistant will, if necessary, assist you in checking in your checked luggage, carrying your carry-on luggage (if you are travelling alone), storing your carry-on baggage on board the aircraft and retrieving your luggage in the baggage claim.

Can the assistant provide medical services?

No, If services must be provided as part of the assistance – such as connecting/disconnecting oxygen – then you can request this from Airport Medical Services. Please mention the services required when submitting your request for assistance; this way, Airport Medical Services can be on stand-by in a timely manner. You can also bring an official companion to provide your medical services.

Can the assistant accompany me in the toilet?

No, Of course, the assistant can take you to a toilet, but they cannot accompany you inside. Do you require more assistance? We advise you to bring your own companion.

Will the assistant come shopping with me?

No. If you would like to do some shopping, it is convenient to do so with a fellow passenger. We can always lend you a wheelchair with which to go shopping.

Will I be able to get food/drink while the assistant is accompanying me in the waiting room?

Yes, simply ask your assistant. He/she will take you to a nearby eatery provided there is enough time to do so before your flight departs. The assistant will pick you up when you are finished.

Will the same assistant accompany me at all times?

We do everything we can to ensure this, but it is not always logistically possible. For example, if you have to wait for a prolonged period, the assistant cannot stay with you the whole time. In that case, another assistant will pick you up to take you to the gate. Furthermore, the assistants that help you on the apron are not the same individuals who work in the terminal building. Generally speaking, however, the same assistant will accompany you.